Rust & Undercoat Protection

Rust Protection

IF IT'S LEFT UNCHECKED, rust can immensely affect how your vehicle runs, looks and could even shorten its overall lifespan. Today, vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevice where dirt and grime love to collect - creating the ideal environment for rust to thrive.

Corrosion Control Module

Take an environmental turn in your fight against rust with the latest technology. A microprocessor generate a repetitive pulsing current, reducing the oxidation of metals. The current stretches across both sides of the cars sheet metal panels. From floorboards to above the window line, it spreads to the little extra areas most conventional products can't reach, like the roof, inseams, and outer panels.

Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from inside out.

Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection

This synthetic, waterproof product seals the vehicle's inner body metal surfaces, stopping rust from the inside out. It's sprayed into the inner cavities and crevices, bonding to the metal. This means no dripping or run off. The high pressure spray is applied between the exterior and interior panels, ensuring that the accessible inner body panels are treated, without needing to drill any holes.

Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from the inside out.

Undercoat Protection

CANADIAN ROADS won't go easy on your undercarriage. Potholes and puddles, loose gravel and sharp ice. Don't let your vehicle's undercarriage first this battle alone.

Platinum Shield - Undercoat Protection

Specifically formulated for the exposed high impact areas on the under bodies of your vehicle. It seals out moisture and protects the undercarriage components from road debris, while providing insulation from the extreme Canadian temperatures. Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride as the undercoating also reduces road noise.