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Not ready to purchase a vehicle, but need to sell yours? We buy all makes and models and will pay top dollar! Even if you're not trading in for a new vehicle, we are always looking for quality used inventory. Whether you are looking to trade or just sell us your vehicle, use our Kelley Blue Book Canada tool below to get an estimated value. We will get in touch to arrange an inspection and confirm the value we are willing to pay you for your vehicle!

Trade-in Estimate in Vancouver, BC

The search for a new or used vehicle is an exciting and eventful time. Consumers from Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey conduct an abundance of research before deciding on a vehicle of their dreams. There are many options available to automotive consumers, and after they have decided, they need to think about what they will do with their current vehicle. Consumers have the ability to sell their current vehicle privately on platforms like AutoTrader or Kijiji Auto, or they can trade in their vehicle to the dealer they are purchasing their new vehicle from. Contact us for more information regarding trade-in values, estimates, or any general questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car's trade-in value?

The trade-in value of any vehicle refers to the amount of monetary value the vehicle has at the dealership. You are essentially selling your current vehicle to the dealer you are purchasing your new vehicle from.

How much is my car worth?

Your vehicle's estimated worth is dependent on numerous factors. The first thing you can do is visit the Canadian Black Book value site to get a general idea. Next, you need to consider your vehicle mileage, how old it is, its physical condition, whether it's been mostly city or highway driven, and the average kilometres driven annually. The dealer will conduct a detailed inspection of the vehicle before providing a detailed trade-in value estimate. One last thing that a dealership will consider is whether there is previous accident history. The golden question is how to calculate the trade-in value? Above are all the factors that have an impact.

When do I trade my car in to get the best value?

As a vehicle ages, it technically accumulates more kilometres and will have more wear and tear. If this continues, your vehicle's depreciation accelerates; that's why many automotive professionals will recommend that you trade your vehicle in before it hits 100,000 kilometres.

How do car dealers determine trade-in value?

Currently, many dealerships have online trade-in tools that usually provide a rough idea of how much your vehicle is worth. However, to get a factual value, you will need to bring your vehicle in for a visual inspection. All of the factors that were mentioned above will play a role.

Should I sell or trade in my car?

Typically, the more difficult route is to sell your vehicle privately. It is more troublesome because you will not guarantee you will sell it in the time frame you need. Dealing with low offers and constant negotiations can be tiring. Trading your vehicle is the easiest and most stress-free option.