Home Charging Program

Covered Home Installation Program


Chevrolet will cover the standard installation of Level 2 Charging outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 or 2023 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV helping even more people experience how easy it is to live electric. In collaboration with Qmerit, the offer gives customers access to fast charging right where they want it - at home - and with the new available Dual Level Charge Cord standard on the MY22 or 23 Bolt EUV and available on 2022 or 2023 Bolt EV - a standalone charging station is not required.



Standard Home Installation
Installation by a Qmerit electrician of 240-volt outlet and permit acquisition for customers with a standard home set up.


Non-Standard Home Installation Credit
A $1,500 (tax exclusive) installation credit provided by Chevrolet to support the cost of the installation by a Qmerit electrician.


Public Charging Credit
A $750 Public Charging Credit (to be used on Flo network and their partners) so you can charge on the go.


Covered home charging installation


Standard installation cost covered by Chevrolet


No need to worry about trying to gather multiple quotes. Qmerit will automatically match you with the best electrician for your job


With just a few clicks, Qmerit will find an installer in your area to handle everything from pulling necessary permits to scheduling and installing your charging outlet


Faster charging at home

Recharge while you sleep, wake up to a full charge

Recharge while you sleep, wake up to a full charge


Never stop at a gas station again



Purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EV or Bolt EUV and sign up at one of the Dueck locations

Complete the EV Installed form you receive via email from

STEP 3: 
Qmerit electrician calls to discuss your outlet installation

Electrician secures permit and schedules your outlet installation

Qmerit electrician completes outlet installation


Don't know where to start? Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Renters need landlord approval before proceeding. Some homeowner associations (HOA) may also require approval. Customers must confirm approval on the EV Install Form in order to submit their installation request.
  • Single family homes may qualify, provided they have an attached garage or wish to charge in their driveway
  • Condos, Duplexes, and Townhomes need a dedicated meter for a standard installation
  • Non-primary residences with Canada are eligible for the non-standard installation
  • Apartments are not eligible for the installation promotion. Customers should be redirected to a Flo Public Charging Credit
  • With a detached garage, a standard installation would require installation of the outlet on the primary structure where the main panel is located. The customer would need to park in the driveway to plug in the charger outside.
  • EV Specialists and other dealer personal are asked to defer to BMEV to assist customers with making the determination of standard vs. not standard for their specific installation. Contact your Dueck Sales and Leasing Consultant for more information or to answer more specific questions.
Customers who purchase or lease a 22 MY Bolt EV or EUV after May 15, 2021.
No, both purchase and lease qualifies for the same offer.
There are 3 options: Standard Home Installation, a Home Installation Credit, or a Public Charging Credit.
  • Standard Home Installation: Installation by a Qmerit electrician of 240-volt outlet and permit acquisition for customers with a standard home set up.
  • Non-Standard Home Installation Credit: a $1,500 (tax exclusive) installation credit provided by Chevrolet to support the cost of the installation.
  • A $750 Public Charging Credit (to be used on Flo network and their partners) so you can charge on the go.
The EV Specialist will initiate the registration during the Customer Onboarding Process via the Global Connect App.
Yes, the Dual Level Charge Cord is not a requirement for an installation of the 240-volt outlet, although we do strongly encourage a purchase of the Dual Level Charge Cord.

No, however, Qmerit can help match existing Bolt EV owners with qualified electricians and coordinate the process for a customer paid installation.

Qmerit provides customers with a nationwide network of pre-qualified electricians who specialize in EV Charging installations. Qmerit is Chevrolet approved for this program.
It depends on your local municipality and how long it takes to secure a permit. The installation time at your home will vary based on the complexity of the install. On average it will take between 4-6 hours.

Yes. Throughout the consultant process, a customer may opt to cancel their Home Outlet Installation with Qmerit and can contact a Dueck Sales and Leasing Consultant to initiate Flo Charging Credit authorization.

Yes, if a customer does not wish to have an outlet installed, the Qmerit installation credit may be used towards the installation of a customer-supplied charging station.
Through Qmerit, GM will cover up to $1,500 towards the cost of installation. The customer is responsible for paying the electrician the remaining balance directly at the time of service.
After a customer submits their EV Install Form, a Qmerit electrician will contact the customer within 3 business days to review the form and schedule an installation appointment. In the event that permitting time are highly variable, the electrician may need to secure the customer's permit first and then call back to schedule installation.
Chevrolet will offer up to $1,500 credit for a non-standard installation. Customer must accept credit towards self-pay install to cover the remaining cost. If a customer declines an installation for any reason, before they approve the selection of their electrician Qmerit, they may opt for the Flo Credit.
Trained and Certified Qmerit approved electricians are matched to customers based on proximity and availability. Yes, and additionally, electricians are thoroughly vetted via background check by Qmerit.
Flo Network provides one of the largest number of public chargers in North America with access to more than 55 thousand public chargers across North America.
Our Dueck Sales and Leasing Consultant will generate an e-mail to the customer through the onboarding process. Customers will then receive an email from GM confirming their selection. If the email address provided is linked to an existing Flo account the credit will be loaded there, otherwise Flo will contact the customer to create a new account. The customer has the option to download the Flo app onto their phone and/or contact Flo to order a physical Flo card. The customer uses the Flo app and/or Flo card to pay for public charging at Flo Stations or their partner networks (Flo to provide that info to a customer).