Ceramic Paint Protection

Better Than Traditional Paint Sealants

Canada is known for its incredibly harsh climates. The sun's intense UV rays alone can fade the paint, but add in dirt, pollutants, road salt, moisture and more it becomes the perfect conditions for a dulled finish. Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection bonds with the clear coat of the vehicle to create a barrier like no other. Unlike other waxing or traditional paint sealant, the silicon carbide component crosslinks with the surface of the vehicle. You're left with a smooth, durable finish with no need for re-applications or touch ups.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Ceramic coated vehicles become super hydrophobic, meaning the treated areas repel water, making it easier to clean.
  • The ceramic coating increases the factory clear coat hardness up to 50%.
  • The ceramic coating is resistant to solvents, alkalis, UV rays, corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Perfect to protect your vehicles clear coat from the harsh Canadian environment!