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At Dueck Downtown, Auto Financing is Made Easy!

When you first begin to consider a new vehicle purchase, one of the first things that should be determined is how much you can afford in a vehicle payment. If you are already making payments on a vehicle, this task may be simply. Buyers can simply adjust based on how well they are meeting the obligation of their current payments. However, adding a new vehicle to the mix can be a little more difficult. Considering aspects such as the total loan amount, a vehicle trade-in and credit acceptance is beneficial for buyers, so they can estimate the type of vehicle they will be able to financially commit to. If you are unsure of this process, we can help break it down. At Dueck Downtown, located at 888 Terminal Avenue, in Vancouver, British Columbia, it's our mission to keep you informed, so let's take a deep dive into how you can structure your payments to benefit you the most.

Step 1: Personalize My Payment

The first step in considering vehicle financing is to determine how much you can afford. Setting a price that you can comfortably make payments on is crucial for creating a starting point in vehicle shopping. You can structure your deal your way viewing all of the payment options available to you online.

You can then personalize your payments by selecting an appropriate loan term and desired APR. While you may not receive the selected APR, the financing bank or company will determine what terms they are willing to offer based on each buyer's unique payment history and reliability. This will open the door to personalizing your payments to an amount that you will be able to maintain for the term of the loan.

Step 2: Evaluate My Trade-in

Once buyers have evaluated their finance options, credits can be added to the loan amount by trading in a different vehicle. For buyers who do not have a trade-in, a more substantial down payment will help but is not always necessary. To trade-in your current vehicle, our dealership will inspect the vehicle to determine a price that we are willing to offer based on condition and the market average in Vancouver, BC. Buyers can then decide if they are willing to accept that amount in an attempt to lower their overall borrowed amount.

While buyers do not have to commit to a trade-in once they know what the dealer is willing to pay, it can help offset some of the initial depreciation, especially on a new vehicle purchase. However, your trade-in is still your vehicle, so if you don't like the price, we provide that doesn't necessarily mean financing on a new vehicle can't occur.

Step 3: Apply for Credit

After completing all financing paperwork, including the final sales amount minus any trade-in credit, our dealership can submit paperwork for credit approval. Many buyers rely on an extension of credit from a lender to finance a new car, so this is an important component of the overall car purchasing process that can make or break a deal. Unlike buyers who choose to go with their own lender, a dealership's finance department has access to multiple lenders. This allows them to competitively seek out the best rate terms and APR for consumers. However, buyers always have the option to finance through their own bank or lender, as well. It never hurts to compare all options and find the option that's most suitable to your needs.

Finance Completion

Upon credit application approval and term selection, buyers will sign all necessary paperwork to complete the loan and get vehicle information switched over into the name of the buyers. At this point, buyers are considered the new owners of the vehicle and the transaction is complete. Are you ready to start the process? Choose from our wide array of new vehicles and quality pre-owned vehicles to start your online purchase today, and as always, contact us if you need some help along the way!