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Many people are excited about owning a car. New cars are particularly more preferred than used cars. However, there are used cars that are worth the investment. Depending on the car's value and other factors, used cars can be very efficient and recommended to offer utility. When you visit a second-hand dealer shop, you are most likely looking for a car that has the value and ability to meet your vehicle needs.

At Dueck Downtown, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, you'll find the right car for your budget. We offer vehicles under $10,000 to all our valued customers, whether you reside in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, or surrounding areas. Even with the emergence of new yet affordable vehicles, you are probably wondering why someone would go for a discount vehicle? Well, most customers like to save and invest their savings in other areas of their lives, including their mortgage, life-insurance or prefer to have a lifestyle that allows them to travel more. Regardless of your life choices or budget, we're certain you'll find a great bargain vehicle with us.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when purchasing a bargain vehicle:

    • Flexible Options - with our bargain inventory, you'll find different vehicles that provide various options to you. Everything from sedans to SUVs, be sure to browse our inventory to find what's right for you.
    • Reputable Dealership - you may be purchasing a vehicle for less than $10,000, but keep in mind, at Dueck Downtown, our reputation and your satisfaction is our mission. We'll ensure you get a vehicle that has a long life-span and serves you well.
    • Save More so You Can Do More - that's right, why not invest in other areas of your life? Perhaps you want to pay off your mortgage faster, or you intend on investing in your portfolio, or maybe you want that summer getaway, whatever your choice may be, we've got a discount vehicle that will help you get there.

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    Throughout Vancouver, BC, we've been a leading dealership selling Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and off-make vehicles. If you can't find the vehicle of your choice in our bargain inventory, don't fret! 

    contact us Today, let us know your budget and vehicle needs, we're certain we can find you your next vehicle.